About Alexis B.C. - Music photographer / videomaker

I am a freelance photographer/videomaker based in Québec City, Canada. My main areas of expertise are concert photography, portrait photography, multicamera concert shooting and editing.

I’ve been shooting and editing concert videos since 2005. I have produced DVDs for local and international bands since. I bought my first DSLR back in 2007 and began to shoot concert photography. Since then, I have shot many concerts, both locals and internationals one, from dark nightclubs to stadiums and major outdoor festivals. I have also shot promotional pictures for a lot of bands.

I love the esthetic of alternative fashion. This led me to shoot promotional pictures for quite a bunch of underground local fashion designers. I also shoot conceptual pictures with a twisted aesthetic.

With the arrival of new Hybrid DSLRs, I have combined both my passions in the same device. I couldn’t ask for a better thing. I now shoot videos almost exclusively with the Canon 5D mkII and other Canon hybrid cameras.